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OPT ASM is discussed also in chapter 16A. It allows you to operate
'EC' as an assembler. There's no good reason to use EC over some
macro-assembler, except that it is significantly faster than for example
A68k, equals DevPac and loses of AsmOne (sob 8-{). You will also have
a hard time trying to squeeze your disks of old seka-sources through EC,
because of the differences as described in chapter 15B. If you want to write
assembly programs with EC, and want to keep your sources compatible with
other assemblers, simply precede all E-specific elements with a ";",
EC will use them, and any other assembler will see them as a comment.
Start all regular comments with a smiley (";->").


start:	MOVEQ	#1,D0		;-> do something silly
	RTS			;-> and exit

this will be assembled by any assembler, including EC