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|  Incompatibilities                                                |

   o  Increment/decrement on object-members affects the *member* and NOT
      the base variable. I did not change this just to be annoying..
      it also has to do with the uselessness of the construct as it
      was in AmigaE versus how much more useful it has now become :)
      And I've never seen any source that actually depends on this feature.


         object.member++      -> "member" is incremented.
         object[x].y.z--      -> "z" is decremented.
         bla.x[]--            -> "x" is decremented.

   o  The Int() function of ECX returns a 32bit sign extended 16bit value
      rather than unsigned as EC does. The new Word() function does what
      old Int() did.

   o  Local STRINGs allocated on the stack are NOT allowed to be linked
      with Link() function.

   o  When receiving multiple return values, ECX only allows receiving
      into simple variables. EC/CreativE allows first of multiple return
      values to go into a dereferenced variable.

   Unsupported stuff

   o  "^" operator (use Long() or [] instead).

   o  Lisp cells. Never found a use for them and never under six years heard
      anyone wanted it implemented so it is gone.