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|  Installation                                                     |

   [CHANGED 2.0]

   Unpack archive (ecx.lha) to somewhere on your harddrive.

   ECX needs the assign "ecxmodules:" to find binary modules.

   > ASSIGN ECXMODULES: ECX:modules ECX:moremods

   ECX:moremods is for putting third party (or your own)
   modules in.

   The emodules: dir should not be part of ecxmodules: assign
   anymore, it is handled in the environment variables now.

   > setenv ecx-amigaos-dir emodules: ecxmodules: ecxmodules:amigaos/
   > setenv ecx-morphos-dir emodules: ecxmodules: ecxmodules:morphos/
   > setenv ecx-amigaos4-dir emodules: ecxmodules: ecxmodules:amigaos4/
   > COPY env:ecx#? envarc:

   You probably want to add a PATH also:

   > PATH ECX:bin ADD

   The files in the ecx archive:

   Modules (dir)        -> ecx binary modules here
      amigaos (dir)     -> amigaos 3.x modules
      amigaos4 (dir)    -> amigaos 4.x modules
      ecx (dir)         -> ecx private modules (startups etc)
      graphics (dir)    -> just contains a dummy gfxmacros.m
      morphos (dir)     -> morphos modules
      powerpc (dir)     -> powerpc macros etc

   Bin (dir)            -> executable files and tools drawer

   Docs (dir)           -> documentation drawer         -> this document

   Source (dir)         -> various sources
      #? (dir)          -> various directories

   Do not put modules for EC/CreativE in ecxmodules:, put them as usual in

   If upgrading from versions before 2.x

   Delete all files in ecxmodules:ecx/ they are not needed as
   new ones with new names comes with 2.0.

   Some things have changed regarding how ecx searches for
   modules and how modules are organised.

   Following dirs


   are now located in


   ECX automatically prepends "morphos/" to module names
   when compiling for MorphOS, so no need to type that.
   The idea is that whether you compile for AmigaOS3, MorphOS
   or AmigaOS4, module names all look the same.

   To make old sources work with new dir structure, you either
   1. rewrite all module statements that needs it, or
   2. use softlinks

      cd into the <ecxdir>
      execute the script makelinks.script

      Then add ECX:softlinks to the ecxmodules: assign.