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| Internal functions                                                |

   All EC 68k internal functions except lisp cell functions
   are implemented for AmigaOS target.

   All of above except Mouse() and Gadget() are implemented
   for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS targets.

   PowerPC List(), String(), DisposeLink() now accepts an optional
   argument: mempool. mempool should be a pool created with

   PowerPC ForAll(), SelectList(), MapList(), Exists()
   Currently does not check list length so make sure destination list
   is big enough! Also, these functions really cannot be used recursively
   for now (implementation quirk).

   StrCopy() now handles zero length copy correctly
   (EC/CreativE version just returns without setting
    new string length / nil term).

   New functions:

   ObjName(eobj), ObjSize(eobj).
      Use these functions to get the name and size of an e object with methods.
      (Class methods does not qualify! (no method table))


      Will normally send its output to the serial port,
      unless something like sashimi is installed.

      Functions like debug_lib/KPrintF().


      Initialises exec list header.