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|  Introduction                                                     |

   The E Compiler X (ECX) project was born in 2002 to replace
   and improve on the AmigaE language and compiler (EC) created
   by Wouter van Oortmerssen that was discontiniued in 1998.
   ECX is written from scratch in E and compiles itself.
   It is fast, stable, resource efficient, highly compatible,
   generates quite okayish code (for multiple targets) and
   adds a considerable amount of (actually useful) new features
   and improvements :)


   1. PowerPC support.

      This is the most important one, and the reason ECX exists.

   2. Heavily improved librarymode.

      Probably the easiest and most powerful library mode/support in
      ANY compiler for Amiga/MorphOS EVER .. :)

   3. Heavily improved floating point support.

      No more slow and 32bit only..

   4. 64bit integer support (PowerPC only)

   5. And a lot more..

   Read all about the rest in this documentation..