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|  Linkobject mode                                                  |

   "LINKOBJECT" in source switches on LINKOBJECT mode.

   In this mode, ECX will output an ELF linkable object.

   This is mainly useful if you want to link some E code together with
   some C code or so, by using an external linker.


   - Code from modules can not be used from linkobject.
     Anything else from a module can be used.

   - You can not use the internal functions in linkobject mode.
     If you attempt to use them, the linkobject will be having external
     references to the functions that you used. This way if you have another
     linkobject with replacement functions in it, just link it with your
     linkobject..  and voila.

   - You can make use of external functions/labels from your linkobject by
     using the USES keyword after LINKOBJECT:
        YetAnotherOne(i:LONG, f:DOUBLE) (DOUBLE,LONG)

   - You can export globals, procedures and constants from your linkobject,
     just put EXPORT in front of the stuff you want exported.

   - Be aware that some language constructs might need access to internal
     functions, which means these functions have to be available from some other
     linkobject when linking. NEW/END needs access to FastNew()/FastDispose()
     and int->float conversion needs a special function. Nilcheck needs access
     to Throw() function.

   - External librarybases needs special handling. C uses DOSBase, E uses
     dosbase.. etc.
     EXPORT DEF has an extension in LINKOBJECT mode for this situation:
         OPT MORPHOS
         MODULE 'exec'
         EXPORT DEF execbase AS SysBase

   - No default modules are automatically loaded.

   - This is experimental stuff for now..