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|  Registration                                                     |

   ECX as of 2.0 makes use of a keyfile, if present.
   Keyfile should be located in envarc:.

   Keyfiles are personal and per host platform.
   You can compile for any target with any keyfile.
   You decide how much you think is a fair amount to pay.

   These are the differences between using ECX without
   and with a keyfile:

   1. ECX outputs the registration status as part of the program
      greeting message.

   2. All executables will have a symbol with information about the
      version of ECX used to compile it, registration status is part
      of this information.

   3. Unregistered versions of ECX will contain a $VER: string
      that explains the unregistered status of the compiler.
      No matter if you define your own version string or not.

   4. Unregistered versions of ECX will ignore the QUIET/S command-line
      option. This simply to make point 1. work better :)

   Register (or donate !) here:

   Thank you.