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|  Class methods                                                    |

   Besides E's normal methods, ECX also supports class methods.

   Definition of a class method is as follows:

   PROC myClassMethod() OF CLASS myNiceObject

   "myNiceObject" is some kind of OBJECT we have previously declared.

   Class methods are a powerful kind of syntax sugar and functions
   alot like a macro.

   Class methods may be inherited and redefined just as normal methods.

   Difference with C++ and Java class/static methods, is that ECX class
   methods has access to "self" just as normal methods do. And there is
   no such thing as a physical "class", only instances of classes (objects).

   The object in question does not have to be allocated with NEW,
   or even created from E, it could be any structure from the OS,
   say "window". It could even be NIL, but then the method shouldn't
   try to peek/poke it :).

   ViewModule will mark a class method like this (notice the asterix):

   (   *)    mymethod (bla)