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   Tools in the E:bin/ drawer

   ViewModule     - MODULENAME/A
                    View contents of binary module.

   ViewCache      - View contents of modulecache.

   EmptyCache     - Empty the modulecache.
                    Optionally may remove modules using pattern.

   TrackHit       - EXENAME/A, OFFSET
                    Shows source and linenumber for a given offset into exe.
                    ADOS Executable must have been compiled with LINEDEBUG/S
                    switch. Example: trackhit bla $eb8

   DisHunk        - FILENAME/A, DIS/S
                    Amiga DOS Hunk viewer, with optional PPC-disassembly.
                    Does not really support much more than is needed to display
                    ECX ADOS binaries :)

   DisELF         - Show contents of ELF files, with optional PPC-disassembly.
                    FILENAME/A  --  name of ELF file.
                    DIS/S       --  disassemble sections
                    HIT/N       --  offset to locate for hit-information.
                    SECT/K      --  view only this section (name).
                    (For a more advanced tool to look at ELFs, I recommend

   ModuleFromFD   - Convert an .fd (function definition) file to an ecx module.
                    Currently supports standard Amiga FD and MorphOS FD.
                    FD/A          --  the name of the FD file.
                    MODULEDIR/A   --  directory to place resulting module in.
                    VERBOSE/S     --  show some info.
                    BASE/K        --  use another name of librarybase.
                    NAMEFIX/S     --  fix case of beginning letters of
                                      functions to Xx.

   ModuleFromProto - Convert a textfile with C function prototypes into
                     an e library module. See bin/modulefromproto.readme.

   CeeModule       - View module in a C friendlier way.
                     Supports library functions, objects and constants.
                     MODULE/A       - name of module with or witout .m
                     LIBPROTOS/S    - Normally library functions are
                                      displayed FD-style. With this
                                      switch they are displayed
                                      as C prototypes.

   MakeLibMod     -  Create a library module.
                     Replaces old ModuleFromFD and ModuleFromProto tools.
                     No more documentation for now. It is in a bit of early
                     state, and things might change, but was used to create
                     all the library modules for OS4 and MOS2.