By Leif Salomonsson

Quick FAQ

What ?
A FUSE compatible filesystem layer for MorphOS.
It manages locks, notifications, file handles, packets, update timeouts and more, freeing the filesystem of these jobs. It is written from scratch in C and implemented as a shared library of re-entrant functions.

Why ?
I wanted to brush up my C and porting skills and I find filesystems interesting as well as the end result useful.

Why re-implementation instead of FUSE ?
MorphOS uses completely different API's (and already in "user space" btw), so original FUSE code is of no use here.


2015.07.16: Filesysbox forked and ported to AROS. Link
2014.02.10: Filesysbox forked and ported to AmigaOS 4. Link
2013.05.27: NTFS-3G for MorphOS [r4] released. Readme
2012.06.19: NTFS-3G for MorphOS [r3] released.
2012.06.08: Filesysbox now part of MorphOS 3
2012.06.08: NTFS-3G for MorphOS [r2] released.
2011.08.18: Filesysbox 0.730 released.
2011.08.01: Filesysbox 0.728 released. This is first public release.
2011.08.01: NTFS-3G for MorphOS released for first time.




MorphOS, FUSE, NTFS-3G, See also: IceFileSystem


Leif Salomonsson, dev blubbedev net